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Archived News - April 25, 2013
Email Issues Resolved Hello again Reflect Gamers! After having our host do some investigating, we believe the email issues that have been giving people trouble over the last few weeks have finally been resolved.

I will update this post later if I find out anything else noteworthy. Thanks again to our community, especially all the new members, who have been patient and understanding while we worked this out.

If anyone experiences any further issues related to the site or account system, especially concerning emails from the site, please email and we will handle it as quickly as possible. - Posted by FredFredrickson
Archived News - April 25, 2013
Account Activation & Lost Password Issues Greetings Reflect Gamers,
We are currently experiencing an ongoing issue with the site's email system which could prevent you from receiving critical emails from the site, such as account activation or recovery messages. We are working with our web provider to resolve this issue, and although some progress has been made, the problem is not yet resolved.
If you register for an account and do not receive your account activation email shortly after, please email with your username and the email address you used to create your account with, and we will get your account activated as soon as possible.
Thank you for your patience while we work to fix this! - Posted by FredFredrickson
Archived News - July 28, 2012
Wanderlust: Rebirth is on Steam! Oh hey, Wanderlust: Rebirth is on Steam now! Congrats guys! Check out the store page at
Steam. - Posted by Reflect Games
Archived News - April 18, 2012
Wanderlust Stats Consolidation Some of you may have already noticed, but the stats page is now reporting that Wanderlust: Rebirth is the most-played game on Reflect Games. This is not an error!

In an effort to lessen confusion and provide a more complete idea for how many people have actually played Wanderlust as it was developed, demoed, and released, the statistics for the demo and the final game have been consolidated. Everyone who played the original "demo" version of the game has been moved over to the final version of the game. People who played both the demo and the final version or who only played the final version will see no change.

Additionally, since these stats were tracked before we tracked time played in games, nobody lost any play time as a result of this consolidation.

That said, if you notice anything odd or you encounter any errors that you think may be the result of these changes, please feel free to contact us via support[at]

Happy gaming! - Posted by Reflect Games
Archived News - April 6, 2012
Wanderlust: Rebirth is in IndieFort Bundle Nr. 1!

If you haven't picked up Wanderlust: Rebirth yet, now might be a good time - Wanderlust is now included in IndieFort's first indie games bundle!

For a minimum price of only $5.99, you get Wanderlust, along with five other quality games: Kenshi (alpha), Cardinal Quest, Black Market, Devil Whiskey, and Steel Storm: Burning Retribution.

If you've already bought Wanderlust, why not buy the bundle and give the key to a friend? The more the merrier!

Click here to head on over to IndieFort! - Posted by Reflect Games
Archived News - December 15, 2011
Vote for Wanderlust: Rebirth! Congratulations to Team Wanderlust! Indie DB has named Wanderlust: Rebirth one of its Top 100 games for 2011!
Help Wanderlust win Indie of the Year 2011 by following this link and clicking the red button to vote! - Posted by Reflect Games
Archived News - December 2, 2011
Wanderlust: Rebirth Holiday Sale! Happy holidays, Reflect gamers! Team Wanderlust is now offering up Wanderlust: Rebirth at 50% off for the month of December! If you've been waiting to pick this awesome game up, now is a better time than ever!
Head on over to the official Wanderlust website to buy now. And don't forget to grab a copy or two for your friends! - Posted by Reflect Games
Archived News - June 14, 2011
Wanderlust: Rebirth released! We're excited to announce that Wanderlust: Rebirth is finally here! Congratulations to Team Wanderlust for creating a game so epic!
Wanderlust: Rebirth
Download the full game now at You can initiate purchasing the game by talking to Gregin at the starting area. Check the homepage listed above for more information.
Wanderlust: Rebirth
We hope that everyone has a fun trip through the world of Wanderlust, and if you see Matt or Jason, the creators of the game, fighting alongside you, be sure to bid them a hearty hello! - Posted by Reflect Games
Archived News - May 29, 2011
Wanderlust: Rebirth is coming soon! Team Wanderlust has been very busy making all the final preparations, and we're excited to see Wanderlust: Rebirth coming out in June!
Wanderlust: Rebirth
Be sure to head on over to the Wanderlust: Rebirth section of the forum to read up on all the latest happenings with the community, and don't forget to keep an eye on the official website,
For further reading, Co-Optimus also has a nice little write-up of the game.
And finally, if you still haven't gotten your fill of Wanderlust: Rebirth pre-release info, check out the official game trailer at YouTube.
It's an exciting time for old-school action RPG and co-op fans! Reflect Games wishes Team Wanderlust a successful launch, and we hope to see many of you playing and enjoying the game! - Posted by Reflect Games
Archived News - December 2, 2010
Vote for Wanderlust at Indie DB! We're excited for Team Wanderlust! Their game, Wanderlust: Rebirth, has been voted into the top 100 of the Indie of the Year 2010 awards over at Indie DB! The second round of voting is now taking place, so be sure to show your support for Wanderlust and cast your vote here:
Good luck to Team Wanderlust - we hope you guys do well! - Posted by Reflect Games
Archived News - January 1, 2010
Happy New Year, Adrenaline Complete! First of all, Reflect Games would like to say happy new year to everyone! 2009 was a busy year for Reflect, and though we didn't meet all of the goals we wanted to, we're happy to see the community constantly growing, as well as the pool of developers using the system! It's been a lot of fun, and we hope this continues going into 2010!
We also wanted to announce that Adrenaline is complete! If you've not played it, Adrenaline is a highly polished (and highly addictive) top-down online shooter. Find out more about the game in the Reflect Games forum, or at the official site. Ring in the new year by killing your friends online!
Thanks again to everyone who has helped the community and service grow, and we hope everyone has a safe and prosperous 2010! - Posted by Reflect Games
Archived News - April 29, 2009
Reflect Welcomes The Havoc Agency With guns blazing, Reflect Games is proud to have a new game join the system, The Havoc Agency by Tahnok.
The Havoc Agency is a online top-down shooter with an emphasis on tactics, featuring an assortment of weapons, deathmatch, and co-op play. The game is currently a work in progress, but already shows signs of great things to come. We're looking forward to watching the game grow!
Read more about the Havoc Agency and track its progress in the official Reflect Games forum. - Posted by Reflect Games
Archived News - April 3, 2009
Reflect ushers in 8,000th member It's happened again - Reflect Games is proud to announce that it is now 8,000 members strong!
Once again, thanks to everyone who has helped support the site and its stable of games throughout the years. Things have slowed down a bit lately, but I am working on making the service and the website a better experience for everyone, and I look forward to sharing my work with everyone in the future!
If you've got a game that you're working on or just one that you'd like to see become part of Reflect, drop me a message on our forum, and I'll be glad to check it out.
Thanks for helping to make this service a success, and I hope to see you all around the forum and in game! - Posted by Reflect Games
Archived News - May 12, 2008
Wanderlust: Rebirth Update In case you've not been following the progress of Wanderlust Team, I'd like to point out that a new update to the game has been released. The new version of the game contains a completed version of Chapter 1, along with the newly added Chapter 2 adventure.
Many aspects of the game are new and improved - too many to mention here, in fact. Head on over to the Reflect Forums to download the game and interact with the growing community. - Posted by Reflect Games
Archived News - February 18, 2008
Reflect Welcomes Adrenaline Reflect Games would like to formally welcome Adrenaline, a new top-down shooter by Bryan and OL (OpitcalLiam). Join us as we try out the very first public betas of the game, and blast each other to smithereens with an assortment of weaponry! - Posted by Reflect Games
Archived News - February 7, 2008
5000 Member Milestone! Once again I am blown away by the amount of support Reflect Games has received from the Game Maker community, and from the larger online gaming community as well. With great honor, I'd like to announce that we've hit our 5000 member milestone today!
Thanks to everyone who has helped to make this a thriving community, and a fun place to be. Reflect Games will be rolling out more titles and more website interactivity in 2008, so stick around and play some games with us! - Posted by Reflect Games
Archived News - December 31, 2007
Happy New Year! Reflect Games would like to wish you and your families a happy new year! Hopefully this year brings us all more games and more fun.
I also wanted to mention that the site updates (the ones from 2007) are in the works once again, and should hopefully be released soon. There is still a lot to do before it's there I want it to be, but I will keep everyone updated as I plug along with it. I'm really happy with the way the site update is coming along so far, and I think you will all like the improvements.
Don't forget that we'll also be having a new competition in February, so keep those game-making skills polished! I'll post back later with more information for both this and the site update soon. - Posted by Reflect Games
Archived News - September 23, 2007
4000 Member Milestone! Reflect Games welcomes it's 4000th member! We've had a lot of people join this year, and I'd like to thank all the developers who have supported Reflect thus far, as well as everyone out there who uses the system when they play games.
We wouldn't be here without your support, so thanks for making this possible, and for helping this community grow! - Posted by Reflect Games
Archived News - June 29, 2007
3000 Member Milestone! I am pleased to announce that Reflect Games, only shortly after a full year of offering it's online gaming services, has grown to include over 3000 members!
Hopefully, we'll be seeing more activity on the forums as time moves along, as well as more activity internally at Reflect as the slow droll of summer begins to wear off. We are working to get more games out to you, and to get the second version of the site finished.
Thanks to everyone who has helped us reach this milestone, it truly is the users who make this community great, and who help add life to our games. - Posted by Reflect Games
Archived News - June 10, 2007
Happy Birthday Reflect Games! Today marks the birthday of the original launch of the Reflect Games website and service!
It's been a fun year, and Reflect Games would like to extend it's humble thanks to everyone who has helped to make this community a fun place to be. So thanks for playing our games, and thanks for visiting the site and posting in the forums!
Here's to another year of fun and games! - Posted by Reflect Games
Archived News - March 17, 2007
Aces High Over Verlor Island Released! After months of development, AHOVI is finally finished! head on over to our games page, download the game, and compete against other pilots online, or for the highest score in the game's single player modes.
Thanks to everyone who helped make this game possible, and always remember to check back for future releases and updates! - Posted by Reflect Games
Archived News - February 19, 2007
1,000+ users! Hi everyone! I recently took a vacation to the beautiful city of San Francisco, but before I left, I noticed that Reflect Games had finally hit the amazing 1,000 user mark. Little did I know that upon my return, the number would have already catapulted up to 1024! I am amazed, and humbled. To me, this truly marks the system as a success, and Reflect Games (and of course, it's third party affiliates) will be working hard this year to ensure that everyone has a wider variety of games to play, fun with the community, and much, much more.
Thanks to everyone who has made Reflect Games into what it is today - the future can only hold great things for all of us! Keep checking back for more! - Posted by Reflect Games
Archived News - February 4, 2007
More, more, more! We've been busy over the last few weeks, and we've added lots of great new stuff!
Firstly, I'd like to extend a welcome to Home Base and Wanderlust: Rebirth, both of which have finally been added to the games page. It's great to have such talented people developing games that take advantage of Reflect, and we're all really looking forward to playing these games with the community.
Secondly, I wanted to point out that we now have a forum on the Reflect site, specifically dedicated to all the games using the system, and for helping members of the community find help, or just to socialize. I've spent some time customizing the phpBB software so that it works well for this community, and I think everyone will like it very much. Use the same username and password as your Reflect account, and you're set! The new forum reads your avatar and information from your Reflect account, so just change your information there if you'd like to update it on the forum.
Lastly, we've added 60 new avatars to the system this weekend, including 42 from Evolites, and 18 from Wanderlust: Rebirth. Our goal is to make sure you feel that your profile is unique, and we'll be continually adding avatars and content to help make that goal a reality. If you have any suggestions for new avatars, please suggest them on the forum.
That's all for now! Thanks for stopping by, and we hope to see you in game soon! - Posted by Reflect Games
Archived News - January 13, 2007
Activation Page Glitch Resolved Over the course of the last week or so, the activation page has not been working correctly, and as such, members who registered during that time may have had problems getting their account activated.
We have looked into the problem, found it's cause, and fixed it, so the activation page should be working correctly again! We have manually activated everyone's accounts who were affected, and our apologies to those who had problems! - Posted by Reflect Games
Archived News - January 9, 2007
Reflect Site Update Part 2 Part 2 of the updates to the Reflect site has been uploaded incrementally over the last few days and is officially complete! Following are the new improvements to the site:
Added special sections to game descriptions for controls, updated screenshot area (will also be updating game information soon)
Added some game statistics to the users page
Added a small Flash slideshow to the front page (courtesy of Neur0n) to showcase some of our games
The Reflect Games logo now links back to the main page
Reflect Gamer Profile Cards are now attachable to websites and blogs view included iframe code on your user page
The site now uses cookies to keep you logged in for future visits
Reflect Gamer Profile Cards have been added to the official forums (use [card]username[/card] to post your card)
For now, the focus for Reflect will be moving back to games (and a back-end for developers). We will be rolling out more updates for the site soon though, so stick around, and enjoy our currently released games! - Posted by Reflect Games
Archived News - January 4, 2007
Reflect Site Update Part 1 Greetings everyone! I am pleased to announce that, as was promised at the beginning of the year, I have uploaded the first of a few global updates to the site! Here are a few of the larger updates I have made:
Reflect Gamer Profiles have been changed to include a "gamer card" of sorts. Now you can compare games and achievements with your friends and track your progress much easier! Gamer information has also been made much easier to read and look at
Credits and avatars have been added to gamer profiles. Now you can customize your profile with an avatar from the realm of Reflect, and earn credits via Reflect games (will be implemented in a few new games soon)
Game names are clickable in profiles
Various other small fixes and changes
Expect more changes in the near future, and hopefully some more completed games as well. - Posted by Reflect Games
Archived News - December 31, 2006
Happy New Year! Hey everyone, we're sorry for the lack of updates to the site, but we're making a new years resolution to spend time on the site as well as the games.
We've got a lot of great things ahead in 2007, including many great new games, new additions to the site, prizes and more. Stay tuned, and keep checking back - great things are coming! - Posted by Reflect Games